More than 1,000 school students have started their training within the “SPBU Online School” project

The “SPBU Online School” project is a unique one and has been in existence for three years. The number of trainees has increased from 70 to 1,700 during this time.

Next stage of the online school development not only meets the increased demand for the comprehensive and easy-to-access additional training but also ensures continuity in training of school students of foreign nationality on the year-to-year basis.

The initial training sessions for Latvian school students started in early December: about 1,000 children attended lectures on the Russian language, Literature, History, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Geography, and Chemistry.

Today, the project encompasses not only lessons for high school students but also the ones for school students of 6th-9th years which are being delivered by the best University staff.

Currently, the project unites more than 1,700 school students of foreign nationality. After the initial lesson had been over, our trainees, as their feedback had it, remained well satisfied. And it was trainees’ parents who enjoyed the lessons to a greater extent after they had watched all of them through“.

Dmitry Ptushkin, Director of the Language Testing Centre

Mr Ptushkin also states that the promotion of such projects during the pandemic has always been the SPBU activity of great significance.

The transfer of teaching sessions to online study-from-home mode has ever positively affected the quality of training. This year has revealed that there is an increased demand for the similar project arrangements, and, in this regard, the University staff miss no opportunity and do their best in providing comprehensive training to those who are interested in it.

The recordings of all lessons are available for free, and everyone, who wishes, is welcome to watch them here.