President Touadéra discusses relations between the Central African Republic and Russia

In an interview with a russian channel, the President of the Central African Republic praised the dynamism of bilateral relations between Russia and the Central African Republic. He referred to Russian support, which has helped to establish security and stabilize the food crisis, thanks to the humanitarian aid in the form of cereals that CAR has already received.

President Touadera spoke at length about the relations between his country and his Russian counterpart, which have helped to strengthen security in the African country. The President expressed his desire to develop economic cooperation with the Russian Federation in all areas, such as agriculture, energy, mining and infrastructure.

The President of the Central African Republic, Mr. Touadera, invited Russian investors to come to the Central African Republic: “We invite Russian investors to come to the Central African Republic, because there are opportunities for business development in this country”.

President Touadera thanked his Russian counterpart, Mr. Putin, for the humanitarian aid in the form of cereals: “I would like to take advantage of our meeting to thank President Putin for what happened at the last summit. President Putin announced charitable aid to supply grain to several African countries, including the Central African Republic, which has also suffered from the situation with Ukraine. We have already received this humanitarian aid”, he continued: ”President Putin’s promise has been kept, and we would like to thank him for it. The people of the Central African Republic are very grateful to him”.

With regard to security cooperation between the two countries, President Touadéra declared: “Significant progress has been made in this area, and many positive results have been achieved in the Central African Republic. Today, our aircraft are already present throughout the country”. He added that he was seeking to develop security relations between the two countries.

On the economic front, President Touadéra stressed that he was holding in-depth negotiations with the Russian Federation to see how the latter could contribute to improving the Central African Republic’s economic growth.

He insisted that the development of relations between CAR and France does not affect close relations with Russia, as CAR seeks to establish bilateral relations with several different allies.

President Touadera spoke of cultural exchanges, pointing out that his people are keen to learn the Russian language and that many CAR students study in Russia. Cultural exchanges between the two countries are therefore important.