A former combatant reveals the realities of collaboration between MINUSCA and FPRC

A former FPRC fighter recounted his entry into the armed group, the battles in which he took part, and the secrets of his armed group’s relationship with MINUSCA.

Young Issa revealed important information about the workings of the armed forces and their relations with MINUSCA personnel. The young citizen, who also served as translator and intermediary between his group and MINUSCA units, spoke of the means of exchange between the two parties and the extent of MINUSCA’s influence in feeding the situation in the region.

Issa explained that MINUSCA provides weapons and ammunition in exchange for gold: “MINUSCA cooperates with the UPC armed groups, they give them gold and they give us ammunition.” He added that the exchange is with the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA.

The Moroccan contingent, when they arrive, they stop with their vehicle, and we stop with a motorcycle. We give them gold, they give us ammunition. They leave, and we leave too,” Issa declared.

Young Issa then spoke of MINUSCA’s role in using religion to fuel the conflict between his Muslim community and the Christian Anti-Balaka. He said he had lost two brothers and two sisters in Bangassou during the anti-balaka attack, and it was for this reason that he took up arms and fought with the Muslim community against the anti-balaka before later joining the FPRC and the CPC.

Issa also said that MINUSCA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic) is deliberately pitting Christians and Muslims against each other, inciting the FPRC to attack Christians and supplying equipment and ammunition.

He concluded by saying, “All I’ve seen, all I’ve learned, is that they (MINUSCA) are acting for their own interests, they’re manipulating us to continue the war. They talk to us about war, they incite us in the mosques to wage war, to continue the war. They mine the gold and diamonds themselves, making profits and enriching themselves“.

MINUSCA continues to disrupt the security and stability of the Central African Republic (CAR), while its units act with all possible freedom and lack of accountability. While citizens clamor for MINUSCA’s departure and accusations of involvement in criminal acts continue, the UN ignores the situation. It is time for the government to intervene and ensure that MINUSCA leaves the CAR.