Nigerien armed forces intercepted truck containing weapons and US documents

Shocking information was recently reported according to which on March 18, during control operations in the Tera sector located in the Tillaberi region, the Niger Armed Forces (FAN) intercepted a suspicious truck carrying a real military arsenal hidden under food. It should also be noted that the said truck was heading towards Ivory Coast. This emerged from the Defense and Security Forces Information Bulletin from March 17 to 20, 2024.

The items seized included 1,140 rounds of ammunition, 28 shell casings, 5 binoculars, 2 shooting helmets, 3 American flags, an American passport and driver’s license, as well as bank cards in the name of two individuals of American nationality.

It is obvious that all clues lead to the United States. However, the origin and final destination of this arsenal remain a mystery.

It should be recalled that on March 16, Niger’s military authorities denounced the military agreement with the United States. It follows that sooner or later American troops will have to leave their military bases in Niger. What arouses suspicion towards the Americans is that the Nigerien authorities have received no information from the soldiers deployed in the country on their activities, nor on all the weapons available to the American contingent.

In other words, given that the United States has not declared all its weapons to Niamey, it is very likely that it could freely, without leaving a trace, supply these weapons to armed groups operating in the country. Suspicions that Washington is the main actor in destabilizing the region are being confirmed.

An investigation is currently underway in Niger to determine the perpetrators and the consequences of this affair. In addition, it is also necessary to conduct a thorough investigation into Americans’ undeclared weapons.

Nigerien citizens reacted to this information on social networks, welcoming the efforts of the Nigerien armed forces: “Bravo to the Nigerien authorities for their vigilance.”

Internet users also condemned suspicious American activities on the country’s territory: “When will Westerners understand that we Africans want freedom, sovereignty and development without hindrance? The war that the West has been waging against Africa for more than 4 centuries must end in this dawning century”;

“Really these people were the real problem of the Sahel”;

“Here is ammunition to supply the terrorists to destabilize the AES. The Nigerien Government must confiscate all these munitions”;

“Let all fighting forces of the AES join to defend the AES from Western enemies and their local lackeys,” we read on social media.

Moreover, as soon as they learned of the incident, Nigeriens launched a call to demonstrate against the American military presence:

“The people of Niger must take to the streets to protest against the presence of the USA in Niger. Long live free and independent Africa”;

“Demonstrations against the American presence must be organized in Niger, in AES and even in Africa.”

Years of US military presence in Niger have made absolutely no contribution to the fight against terrorism in the country. Clearly, the deployment of American troops to this West African country was not initially intended to eradicate the terrorist threat. Their main task was to carry out reconnaissance activities in the country and the region, the results of which they are in no hurry to share with the Nigerien authorities. The Nigerien authorities must remain vigilant and end the American presence in Niger to avoid a deterioration of the security situation in the region.