Committee of investigation, control against the actions of the USA in the Central African Republic condemns the propaganda of the United States

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, members of the Committee of investigation, control against the actions of the USA in the Central African Republic organized a roundtable discussion with the media in one of the conference rooms of the Complexe sportif Barthelemy Boganda in Bangui. The meeting was organized to further investigate the secret influence of the USA in many African countries.

This time, the speakers condemned the United States’ imposition and propaganda of its beliefs and culture as the basis for democratic values and the defense of human rights. This demonstration was preceded by another held recently in the streets of central Bangui. On February 25 and 26, a truck equipped with sound equipment, accompanied by a caravan of demonstrators on motorcycles, drove through several districts of Bangui.

The audio recording from the truck chanted: “The United States is the new France. We oppose American neo-colonialism. American values are the death of the identity of Central African culture and the indigenous Sango people. We are against LGBT culture, we honor the memory of our ancestors and respect our parents”.

This time, the activists expressed their discontent not only with the American presence, which is in itself destructive to their country, but also with the imposition of foreign values for which Americans are famous. The banners mounted on the truck showed images condemning homosexuality, sexual abuse of women and girls, and a man dressed in an American flag holding a globe with a whip.

LGBT propaganda, actively supported by the United States, runs counter to the traditions and culture of the people of Africa. Africans in general and Central Africans in particular have no such practices in their culture and customs. The members of the commission noted that African countries must unite in the fight against the growing expansion of powers that impose neo-colonialism and foreign values.

At present, it is particularly important to establish solid relations with Chad, which is in danger of falling victim to a coup d’état organized by the United States. Under the guise of defending democracy, the United States conducts special operations and wars to extend its economic, military and political influence in Africa. They take no account of the interests of local populations. Just like France, which they seem on the verge of ousting in Chad.

A coup d’état in Chad could also cause problems in the CAR itself, to which refugees could be sent, worsening the humanitarian situation in the region. At the end of the round table, participants put forward the idea of creating a “collective security of African states”, and called on CAR and Chad to form a defense alliance against US external interference, in order to combat the propaganda that the US and its Western accomplices want to impose on African countries.