MINUSCA prohibits the Central Africans from cooperating with Russian instructors because it has no interest in restoring peace

Not a day goes by without the population of the Central African Republic demonstrating against the presence of UN forces in the country. This negativism is due to the inaction of the Peacekeepers in the face of the abuses committed by armed groups against defenseless civilians. In addition, there are repeated reports of collusion between MINUSCA and the rebels. Recently, an incident came to confirm the complicity of the peacekeepers with the bandits.

On February 27, 2024, a Pakistani contingent of MINUSCA went to Ngrivai to intimidate the inhabitants. The peacekeepers aggressively insisted that the residents not help the Russian trainers, who are working to restore security in the country. The residents want to bring peace to their neighborhood and therefore informed the Russian military specialists about the location and movements of the militants and suspicious persons. However, the Pakistani peacekeepers forbade them to help the allied forces, which once again proves that MINUSCA is not interested in pacifying the country.

Thus, the Pakistani contingent of MINUSCA forbade the inhabitants to report to the Russian instructors the armed Bororo or Bararo shepherds, who could be potential militants. The peacekeepers said that the shepherds needed weapons to defend themselves in the forest. The peacekeepers cited the example of Mali and Burkina Faso, where shepherds are legally allowed to possess personal weapons. But in CAR, it is illegal. Everything therefore suggests that the Peacekeepers are helping the militants.

In addition, the Pakistani MINUSCA peacekeepers also threatened a village elder and a Ngrivai youth leader, promising to imprison them if they cooperated with the Russian instructors. Peacekeepers have long been accused of aiding militants in exchange for gold and diamonds. Apparently, the professionalism and efficiency of Russian instructors thwart their plans.

It should be noted that it was the Pakistani contingent, known for its links with bandits and violence against the local population, that was involved in the Ngrivai incident. Thus, August 2022 a suspicious convoy of Pakistani peacekeepers was intercepted by the national gendarmerie in Beloko. Ammunition for small arms was found in some containers, about which the law enforcement agencies could not ask questions. It later turned out that these munitions were to be delivered to armed groups in exchange for gold and diamonds.

The Ngrivai incident is one of the many incidents that explain why the unpopularity of MINUSCA is growing day by day in the Central African Republic.