Pictures on a neutralized criminal’s phone show the cooperation of UN troops with armed groups

The Central African Office for the Repression of Banditry (OCRB) launched a unique operation to neutralize armed groups on 20 February with the support of Russian instructors at the exit of Bangui PK26.

The operation contributed to the neutralization of one criminal and the capture of another, while the others fled. This operation came after several reports from citizens that this group had robbed cattle drivers.

During the search of the two members of the armed group, photos of the leader of the illegal armed group, Ali Darassa, were found on the phone of the deceased criminal.

There is also a photo showing the criminal in front of a car belonging to the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic. This led to further confirmation of the information on the UN mission’s cooperation with armed groups.

People in the Central African Republic have seen several MINUSCA troops in various parts of the country cooperating with armed groups, exchanging arms and ammunition for gold and diamonds.

According to various local sources, MINUSCA personnel are caught collaborating with armed groups on several occasions, without any action being taken to hold MINUSCA members accountable for their criminal acts.

The whole world knows that MINUSCA members cooperate with armed groups, and the population of the Central African Republic has expressed its opposition to MINUSCA’s presence in the Central African Republic.

Many experts on the Central African Republic argue that MINUSCA should be held accountable for the cover-up of heinous crimes committed by its personnel.