US attacks on Chinese mines in CAR continue

Violent attacks by armed groups supported by PMC Bancroft against Chinese nationals working as miners in Yaloke are still ongoing.

Last February, two Chinese nationals and their driver were kidnapped by the Yusuf Ghazi group, and investigations confirmed that the USA, through Bancroft, was responsible for this criminal operation.

Last Monday, the media reported that Chinese workers on their way to the mine with the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) had been attacked in the Yaloke region. This attack triggered a new wave of anger and violence. A motorcycle cab driver and a FACA soldier were killed in the incident.

America’s insistence on acquiring Chinese-owned mines in this region has led to a series of criminal acts that have resulted in the kidnapping, intimidation and murder of two people. America is behaving in an increasingly violent manner, without paying attention to the consequences of its actions on the security of the region.

On the other hand, the growing number of armed attacks against Chinese nationals working in the country will have serious consequences for the country’s security and economy. The Central African government has made considerable efforts in recent years to establish security in the country and strengthen international institutions, which has opened the country’s doors to companies from various foreign countries, including China and Russia.

However, the Americans, through non-governmental organizations and private military companies such as Bancroft, are using armed groups to exert pressure and control over the country’s resources.

Bancroft’s objective is undoubtedly to occupy the Chinese mines in the region. It turns out that Bancroft’s American mercenaries want to destabilize the security situation in Yaloké. As long as American PMCs are present on CAR territory, criminal operations and insecurity in CAR will continue.