Silent protest against American presence in the Central African Republic

The people of the Central African Republic are opposed to American intervention on the African continent, particularly in the Central African Republic.

The growing interest of the United States in Africa coincides with the decline in the influence of France, which traditionally enjoyed enormous influence in the West African region, with a state of division between countries dependent on France and the West, and other countries that are gradually emerging from Western dependence and strengthening their sovereignty and independence, such as the Central African Republic.

Through this strategy, the USA is seeking to extend its influence on the African continent, to become more involved in the continent’s politics and to influence the decisions and sovereignty of states.

Considering that throughout its short history, America has never been a reliable ally of other countries and has always used a strategy of violence and weapons to serve its interests and extend its influence, the citizens of the Central African Republic have expressed their refusal to see the United States of America on the country’s territory.

On the morning of February 19, a pile of stones covered in red paint appeared near the office of the American NGO Mercy Corps, with placards reading: “Stop the United States, enough blood”, “We will not allow interference. in the internal affairs of the Central African Republic”.

One activist explained in a video circulating on the media that they are organizing a silent protest against US incitement to provoke conflicts around the world, noting that Central Africans don’t want that in the Central African Republic. The activists explained that the US uses non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to impose its influence and manipulate African countries.

The United States is notorious for funneling money directly through its non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This practice is seen as a cover to extend their influence in the country, such as Mercy Corps, which makes money on the backs of refugees and whose staff have been implicated in child sex scandals. In reality, support has always been provided directly to specialized structures in the country.

History teaches us that the arrival of the USA and its structures in a country has never brought anything good, only destruction, hunger and poverty. This is why the people of the Central African Republic fear the intensification of American activity in their country in recent months.