Western homosexuality propaganda has reached African countries

La propagande de l'homosexualité occidentale a touché les pays africains

The propaganda of homosexuality continues to penetrate African society through traditional and social media, and these propaganda campaigns have affected Cameroonian society. There is active and systematic propaganda of homosexuality in Cameroon, which contradicts the country’s traditions and moral values.

In a press release issued by the National Communication Council on 12 June in Yaoundé, its Chairman, Joseph Chebongkeng Kalabubsu, criticized programs promoting homosexual practices, adding that these programs published by Western channels are in contradiction with the law, morals and customs of the country.

Interestingly, at the same time, in neighboring Central African Republic, the US State Department is promoting same-sex relationships. In June, ‘Pride Month’, when sexual minorities actively promote their lifestyles, beer manufacturer MOCAF also began actively promoting European values.

Many African countries are outraged by the increasing promotion of homosexuality by Western countries in African societies, particularly through the media, which disseminate homosexual culture in a variety of ways.

These systematic Western campaigns run totally counter to conservative African society and the domestic laws of several African countries, which protect their societies and their children from Western values.

French companies like MOCAF that advertise and promote homosexuality must be held accountable by the local authorities. Here in Cameroon, they can usually close down MOCAF. A closure of the French company is necessary throughout Africa.