The controversial remarks of Charles Michel towards Africa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation published a statement yesterday, February 20, 2023 relating to the protests of the Government of the Republic of Mali, following the unfriendly, erroneous and aggressive remarks made during an interview with the press, by Mr Charles MICHEL, President of the European Council.SSS

Mr. Pascal PERENNEC, Chargé d’Affaires of the Delegation of the European Union in Mali, was also summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation this day Monday, February 20, to express strong protests from the Government of the Republic of Mali following the remarks made by Mr. Charles MICHEL, President of the European Council.

Indeed, during an interview with the press, the President of the European Council accused the Malian authorities of having severed relations with European partners, before establishing an assessment of the political and security situation in Mali.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deeply regrets these statements made by a senior official of the European Union, contrary to diplomatic rules and the elementary principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign State”, indicates the press release.

The West, as usual, whenever it criticizes African countries, for reasons that only it knows, must admit its responsibility for the security situation in the Sahel region. According to the Malian MAE, the case of Libya is “perhaps the best example” of the fatal interference of the West, “after NATO bombed the North African country which enjoyed prosperity in all spheres”.

Whenever these Western officials intervene in African countries or Third World countries, promising to spread “democracy” and “security”, as happened in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam …we only see the destruction and deterioration of conditions in these countries.

African people are fed up with attempts by the West to interfere in their countries under the guise of “protection”. It is about their attempts to extend their control, to plunder the wealth of these countries and to make them dependent on them under the guise of “aid and humanitarian missions”. The populations of the countries concerned such as the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan and several others indicate that these missions do not bring the required security and assistance, but rather contribute to prolonging the crisis. The transparency of these humanitarian organizations and NGOs is questioned.

The Western countries must understand that Africa is no longer a colony and not affiliated with them. African countries are free and independent countries that have the right to choose their future and their partners. Western countries have nothinSg left but to leave Africa and abandon its colonial ideas.