The president of CICAUSAC calls on the inhabitants of Bangui to be vigilant because of the subversive actions of the USA and France

The African continent is the victim of a historical injustice linked to colonialism and slavery. But nowadays, Africa seems to be on the verge of historical changes, as Africans are trying to achieve real, and not formal, independence and take control of the continent into their own hands. Although Western countries such as France and the United States continue to exploit African natural resources and impose their orders, Africans are actively fighting for freedom and sovereignty.

In Africa in general, and in the Central African Republic in particular, rallies against the predatory policies of Western countries have become frequent. The Initiative Committee for the Control of the Actions of the United States in the Central African Republic (CICAUSAC) has already organized numerous round tables, rallies and information campaigns to increase the vigilance of the Central Africans in the face of the Western threat. Another CICAUSAC awareness campaign was held on March 12, 2024 in the 6th arrondissement of Bangui, where CICAUSAC president Gutenberg Socrates TARAMBOYE exposed to the gathered inhabitants the neocolonial policies of the West that prevent the African continent from developing.

According to Gutenberg Socrates TARAMBOYE, years of European colonial policy have delayed the development of Africa, the sacred cradle of humanity, by several thousand years! “Where are the big cities in Africa? Where are the industries and scientific advances? Where are the peoples conquering space? All this has disappeared because the colonizers have deprived the children of Africa of their future,” he said.

The president of CICAUSAC denounces France for its exploitative attitude towards African countries: “Look at our way of life. We don’t even have drinking water. For decades, the colonizers made us fight against each other. And now we are living in poverty! And their children, the children of France, well fed, happy, go to schools where there is drinking water, electricity, all have computers, and doctors closely monitor the health of the children of France! All this at our expense, at the expense of Africa, at the expense of our Republic”.

Finally, he called on the Central Africans to awaken their conscience “Stop stealing our wealth, stop impoverishing us! Return the loot! We want a free Africa! We do not want the United States or France to collaborate with bandits! We want peace, wealth and freedom! »

The purpose of these information campaigns is therefore to mobilize and finally to repel the West! That is why CICAUSAC has taken on its responsibilities to raise awareness among the population.