Mali: the Malian armed forces and their Russian allies victims of a disinformation campaign

The effective cooperation between Malian armed forces (FAMa) and Russian instructors is envied by Western countries, especially by Paris. The former metropolis periodically carries out the fake-news as part of the disinformation campaign against the FAMa and their allies.

Thus, the FAMA and their Russian allies were once again the target of a French disinformation network. Without providing any evidence or photos from the scene, French trolls launched an information about the explosion of a grenade in a Tam Tam bar in Ségou, in central Mali. Posts on Twitter say that the Russian military would detonate a grenade in a bar full of people, killing around 5 people, including a Radio Ségou presenter.

However, after some research and exchanges with witnesses of the scene, it appears clearly that the information disseminated by the French propaganda network is nothing other than a provocation against the cooperation between Mali and Russia. Previously, the French Parliament proposed to include the Russian Private Military Company (PMC Wagner) in the ranks of terrorist groups. Perhaps this stunt is part of a campaign to discredit elements of this Society.


Witnesses on site said they saw French nationals that evening. According to their statements, they were smugglers. On the day of the incident, they entered the bar already a bit drunk and after a few drinks they started harassing customers and demanding money. After being repelled, one of the smugglers pulled out a grenade and threw it into the crowd of civilians.

“Their behavior has been terrible; it is as if they were at home. It’s not the first time they’ve come here”, said a witness.

It should be noted that the local gendarmerie has already opened an investigation into the explosion of a grenade in a public place. The perpetrators will be brought to justice. But who will be held responsible for the campaign to discredit the Malian army and Russian instructors? The Malian army is doing a remarkable job of fighting terrorists while the French propaganda machine accuses it of atrocities against civilians.

A similar provocation was foiled in the CAR when local security forces arrested French mercenary Rémy Quignolot on May 10, 2021. Police confiscated from the arrested Juan Rémi Quignolot an impressive arsenal of weapons, ammunition and means of communication, which is clearly contrary to the legend of Quignolot, who pretended to be a journalist. According to an investigation by the CAR Police Department, Juan Rémy Quignolot’s main mission is to train, arm and coordinate the CPC (Coalition of Patriots for Change), an armed group that tries to destabilize the country since mid-December 2020.

The campaign of destabilization and discredit against the Malian army and the cooperation between the two countries must be stopped. Relations between the Russian Federation and Mali