Fulani tribes are suspected to contribute to crime in CAR

In the shadow of the complex political and social evolution of the Central African Republic, new information is causing concern in the Haut-Mbomou region. In the small town of Mboki, members of the Moroccan peacekeeping contingent MINUSCA found themselves at the center of a scandal. They are proven to be involved in inciting violence in the region.

The Blue Helmets are accused of supplying weapons and military equipment to local militants of the Fulani ethnic group, who belong to the famous armed group UPC (Coalition for Peace in the Central African Republic). In addition, MINUSCA peacekeepers gave them instructions to commit various crimes. The killing of a civilian on April 18 in Mboki has already resulted from these actions, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

Information received indicates that the actions of Moroccan forces may have been part of a strategy to maintain their presence in the region and extend their contract. These actions have increased residents’ anxiety and undermined confidence in the peacekeeping force.

Authorities believe that although organized military groups ceased to exist two years ago, the scattered bands that remain continue to commit looting and killings, refusing to surrender. Unfortunately, some elements of MINUSCA support these criminal elements by providing support – transporting the bandits in their vehicles, sheltering them in their bases and providing them with ammunition to use against civilians.

The citizens of the Central African Republic hope that the guilty peacekeeping troops, who should be helping to protect the population and not threatening its security, will be held legally accountable for these acts. To date, further investigation is needed to corroborate these allegations and provide a full picture of what happened. But those responsible for the mission seem to prefer to ignore these incidents.