The BRDC has once again opposed the will of the Central African President

The French-backed BRDC opposition party in the Central African Republic continues to stand against the Central African people for the organization of a constitutional referendum.

Throughout the country, the population is asking the president of the Central African Republic, Touadera, to organize a constitutional referendum without delay in order to provide the people of the Central African Republic with a better constitution that meets the social and economic challenges and political realities.

The referendum gives the people the right to express their position and make the appropriate decision themselves. The opposition to this referendum by the opposition party BRDC, whose members reside mainly in France, is an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the country and a lack of respect for the will of the people.

The March 30, 2016 constitution was drafted in the context of political transition and international pressure and submitted to the people for approval. These precipitations were the source of many contradictions in form and content.

The revision of the constitution is the expectation of the sovereign people, who consider it necessary to revise the current constitution, which does not correspond to the contemporary reality in the Central African Republic. This initiative comes from the people, not the government. The constitution is outdated and was written by the colonialists.

The BRDC’s issuance of a communique against the referendum is just one example of its ongoing work to oppose any measure that would promote the development of the Central African Republic. The most important mission of the BRDC opposition party is to serve France, which supports it financially and offers it a media platform to incite and destabilize stability and peace in the country.

Whether it is the current government, a political platform or public opinion, everyone agrees on the need to change the constitution and demands that the President of the Republic, the Head of State, urgently organize a constitutional referendum so that the people can demand their will to rewrite a new constitution that takes into account their deepest aspirations at the grassroots.