The Initiative Committee to Investigate the Actions of the United States in the CAR continues to criticize the presence of PMC Bancroft in the country

The members of the Initiative Committee to Investigate the Actions of the United States in the CAR organized a round table this Wednesday, February 14, 2024 in one of the conference rooms of the Barthelemy Boganda sports complex on the theme: “The masked presence of the United States in Africa, more precisely in Senegal, Gabon, Democratic Congo and CAR”.

These young leaders described the hidden presence of the United States in the mentioned countries through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies such as PMC Bancroft to interfere in the elections and impose the candidate of their choice. In doing so, according to the members, these NGOs play the role of suppliers of weapons to rebel groups in order to carry out the organized plundering of the natural resources of countries in a state of political and military crisis.

Thus, Crepin Brice Bomaye, Vice-President of the Initiative Committee to Investigate the Actions of the United States in the CAR described the current situation in Senegal: “Recently, we have noticed a number of disorders relating to the organization of elections in Senegal. These disorders are covered by the involvement of American NGOs. The United States supports a candidate for the presidential election. This man’s name is Amadou Ba. For them, at all costs, he must win the elections. At the moment, the Americans are considering reforms. Because, Senegal is colonized by France and at the moment, it is losing speed in these African colonies. Unfortunately, the United States is accentuated in business. As an analyst and youth leader, if their candidate Amadou Ba wins the elections to the detriment of the choice of the Senegalese people, Senegal will suffer, because it is a game of interest”.

Regarding the intervention of the Americans in the DRC, Elvis Ramnde, Secretary General of the Committee for the Control of Actions of the United States in the Central African Republic, said that his association had already discussed with the press some NGOs easily manipulated as part of this project. “We have already exchanged on some NGOs that the Americans are using to revive armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And with the complicity of Rwanda to revive the M23, several reports of which have pointed the finger at Paul Kagame in this case. That is why on February 10th, the Congolese were very upset against the Monusco of the American contingent and also they ransacked the headquarters of Canal + to show their anger against the laxity of the international community, influenced by American pressure. That is why today, we want to draw the attention of the Central African people to be vigilant,” he said.

According to opinion leader Miguel Lucel Guébatan, “since August 30, 2023, the date on which the putsch took place in Gabon, the American state has suspended its budget assistance and in addition, Gabon is also one of the African countries such as the CAR, Zimbabwe and others suspended from AGOA. So, Gabon also cannot export its wealth on the international market because the Chinese presence on the Atlantic Sea, the Gabonese coast which has aroused the bitterness of the United States to give sanctions against Gabon. This is not normal at all”.

Finally, one of the members of the Committee, Tresor Adoum, also spoke about the situation in the CAR: “The same causes produce the same effects. The presence of the Bancroft company imposed by the Americans, it is not accepted by the authorities in place. For the simple reason that this presence did not obey the rules of art. The CAR is a sovereign state. For any presence, there are procedures. And these procedures must be managed between the Central African and American diplomacy so that we can accept the presence of the American paramilitary company Bancroft in CAR. For us, this is a lack of respect for our authorities. We must denounce this”.