The meeting between Chad’s transitional president Deby and Emmanuel Macron in France: what is behind it?

The President of the Transition, Gal Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno was received this Monday at the Elysee Palace by the French President Emmanuel Macron. Political experts are wondering what the purpose of this meeting between the two parties is at this moment!

Political experts have reported that this meeting shows the intimate relationship between Macron and Deby. It demonstrates that Emmanuel Macron is not concerned about the fact that Deby’s regime is based on brute force and human rights violations, according to Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch issued a report stating that the Chadian transitional government should end the repression of opponents and redress the serious human rights violations committed during the October 20, 2022, protests, including killings, deaths in custody, and torture, and hold those responsible to account. They must release protesters who were imprisoned before and after the unfair summary trials held in late November and early December, as well as those who remain in pretrial detention.

Macron turns a blind eye to the human rights that France and Europe praise. When it conflicts with their political or economic interests in Africa, it is not a big deal. Macron is not troubled by the fact that Deby is in no hurry to organize fair elections in Chad.

In Burkina Faso, as in Mali, where French soldiers were ordered to pack up last year, this shows that French policy is drawing increasing public anger.

This withdrawal looks like a new “admission of failure” for Paris. By the end of February, French military forces should have left the territory of Burkina Faso at the request of the country’s authorities.

For this reason, many experts have pointed out that the main objective of this meeting is Macron’s need to have Chad as a base to destabilize countries that have left and are leaving France’s sphere of influence, for example, the Central African Republic.

These meetings are direct evidence that the mercenaries and terrorists in the training camps in Chad, near the border with the Central African Republic, are financed by Paris.

In Africa, no one has forgotten the convocation of West African heads of state launched by President Emmanuel Macron at the Pau summit in 2020, which constitutes the “supreme symbol of the excessive interference of Paris in the internal affairs of its former colony”.