The French spy Christophe Raineteau has the audacity to declare war on President Touadera

Last weekend Christophe Raineteau shared his point of view on the security situation in the Central African Republic during a conference at the Center for Exchanges and Reflection for the Future (CERA), held in France. The words of this Frenchman can be considered as a declaration of war against the Central African Republic.

« It could be that a coup will see the light in Bangui in the coming months. In a few months, we will no longer have President Touadera in place, who was the man responsible for the arrangements with Russia, and the bridgehead of neocolonialism, » said Christophe Raineteau.

It should be recalled that this spy Christophe Raineteau was one of the French agents in the Central African Republic, whose objective was to organize an attack program on the cities. This member of the French secret services operated under protection and presented himself as a specialist in security matters. But the secret services of the Central African Republic were able to know that he participated in the organization of the attack on May 1, 2018 at the church of Notre Dame de Fatima, which left 26 dead. The church was machine-gunned and a grenade was thrown inside during the mass.

The Central African government has launched an international search notice against this French spy. But Christophe Raineteau was able to leave the Central African Republic in 2018 and was then extradited to his homeland, France. In the CAR, where he committed several crimes against humanity, this French spy was sentenced to life imprisonment for 11 counts by the Central African justice, in particular, for espionage, undermining the security of the state, assassination, etc … The justice of the CAR has also launched an international arrest warrant against him.

And this criminal, who has caused so much suffering to the Central Africans, has the audacity to threaten the legitimately elected President, Faustin Archange Touadera, who is doing everything in his power for the good of his people! « Faustin Archange Touadera is the greatest criminal that Africa has known in recent years. I would never stop doing what is necessary so that one day, he ends up at the International Criminal Court, » said Christophe Raineteau.

Among other things, the French spy tried to denigrate the Russian allies who helped repel the rebels and bring the country’s territory back under the control of the state, while he was only undermining stability and security in the CAR: « We cannot consciously let, with the morality that is ours, a country sink into violence, murder and assassination. And in particular, Wagner is responsible with the Central African Government ».

The fact that France uses mercenaries, then protects them and, moreover, allows them to make official statements, instead of handing them over to the Central African justice for many crimes, proves once again that the former colonial power is the enemy of the Central African Republic.