Alexander Ivanov, head of the Officers Union for International Security has revealed the real reason for the imposition of US sanctions against him and his organisation

The imposition of US restrictions on the Officers Union for International Security is an “admission of Washington’s own weakness and hypocrisy”. This is how Officers Union Head, Alexander Ivanov, reacted to the inclusion of the organisation and himself on the US sanctions list.

The head of the organisation said that the US is afraid of the success and development of African countries. A. Ivanov is sure that Washington does not favour the tendency of Africa that is ready to raise and go its own independent way. “A rising independent free Africa frightens the United States. They want Africa to remain a place of devastation, armed conflict, hunger and death”, – said Alexander Ivanov.

He reminded once again that Officers Union is engaged in educational activities in the Central African Republic within the framework of bilateral agreement between the Russian Federation and the legitimate government of the CAR.

According to Mr. Ivanov, Russian specialists work in the country in contact with the UN and in accordance with all norms of international law. “It is thanks to the work of Russian instructors in the CAR that it became possible to end the war and the prolonged security crisis and, as a result, to save tens of thousands of innocent lives!” said the head of Officers Union.

Alexander Ivanov is certain that US sanctions will have no effect whatsoever on the job done by the Russian instructors in the CAR. He jokingly adds that neither he, nor “the other guys who train Central Africans to properly hold a Kalashnikov in the bush” have any financial assets in the US. Alexander Ivanov is convinced that Officers Union will continue to work and fulfil its obligations to its allies, despite the sanctions-related restrictions. The head of the Russian instructors also stressed that the victory will be the victory of truth, “and the truth is on our side”.