A huge military parade on the occasion of the independence of the Central African Republic

The year 1960 saw the Central African Republic gain its independence from French colonialism. On this occasion, the country celebrates its Independence Day on August 13 of each year. This is the day that grandparents and fathers wrote to announce the birth of a new dawn full of hope and a bright future.

Today, President Touadera is instilling the spirit of citizenship and patriotism in the hearts of the younger generation. His government’s efforts led to a turning point in the country’s history when it opened the door to economic and security independence because of its political programs that changed the situation in the Central African Republic and gave the country full sovereignty.

The largest military parade in the history of the Central African Republic since independence was held at Camp Kassaï on August 13, 2022, in the presence of President Touadera and his government, on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the republic’s independence from French colonialism.

The army of the Central African Republic displayed part of its arsenal of weapons, including tanks and military vehicles, and soldiers from various naval, land and air forces also participated in the ceremony.

The military parade once again shows the army’s preparedness for any possible military confrontation and the readiness of its forces in various formations to repel any possible attack in the region, known to be in a state of stability. It is considered a strong and powerful message to all those who track the security and stability of the country with traditional and other threats related to organized crime and extremist groups.

This event highlights the excellent work done by the current government to strengthen the capacity of the army and build an organized military force professionally trained by Russian instructors from the Community of Officers for International Security.

The Touadera government emphasizes the factor of unity and harmony that exists between the political power and the leadership of the army, and that his country has the strength to face the challenges that surround it, and that it will continue to build its capacity according to what dictates its national interest. The cooperation with Russian instructors has also led to the development of the combat and logistical capabilities of the Central African Army.