Russia is moving towards strengthening relations with African countries in many areas

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and President of the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS), Umaru Sissoku Embalo.

During his meeting with his Bissau-Guinean counterpart, the head of the Kremlin said that Moscow was determined to further develop its relations with Guinea-Bissau and all African countries. “Russia is determined to further develop its relations with Guinea-Bissau and all African countries,” said the Russian president.

“The most important thing is that the growth in trade volume is very significant. We hope to make a significant contribution to the development of relations between Russia, ECOWAS Member States and the entire African continent in general, during your chairmanship of the Economic Community of West African States,” said declared V. Poutine to the address of his Bissau-Guinean counterpart.

For his part, the President of Guinea-Bissau stressed that his country would remain an “unwavering partner” of Russia, and he expressed his hope “to restore dialogue between kyiv and Moscow”. Regarding the war in Ukraine, Embalo said that the conflict and its implications, such as the halt in grain and fertilizer exports, “have hampered progress around the world”. He added that Guinea-Bissau would be ready to buy warships and helicopters from Russia, a proposal that Putin said “will be given due consideration”.

Indeed, several African countries are turning to a fruitful partnership with Russia in the industrial and military field, after the remarkable assistance provided by Russia following its entry into Africa. Cooperation is developing in several partnerships with the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali which benefit the development of the military field. It should be noted that these partnerships contribute to the restoration of security in the Sahel region by eliminating armed groups thanks to its modern weapons, as well as the effectiveness of its military instructors.

Relations between Russia and African countries have been developing positively in recent times after an increasing number of presidents have decided to turn to Moscow in the field of economic and military partnerships with the aim of a prosperous future for the countries. who lived for many years under the authoritarian and colonial policies of France.