In the Central African Republic armed groups crumble under the pressure from the army and their allies

As soon as he became the supreme magistrate of the State, the President of the Republic, PrFaustinArchangeTouadéra, in his political vision decided to make the Central African army « a garrison army » by leaving that of projection in previous years. This political vision has become a reality today with the rise of the national army.

The Central African Republic has recently experienced a significant increase in the strength of the allied-backed national army, which has led to a massive desertion among the ranks of illegal armed groups that are no longer able to resist the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). This is especially noticeable in the example of an UPC armed group led by the Chadian-Nigerian mercenary Ali Darassa.

Just a few weeks after many elements of UPC group showed their willingness to voluntarily lay down their arms, several officers of the UPC of Ali Darassa send a message of peace to the Central African people through a press release made public on December 31, 2021 in Bokolobo, marking the dissolution of the UPC. In this document signed by three (3) UPC officers, including General AbdoulayeOumar, General Samba Abakar and Colonel Moussa Adam, reported that the military-political group UPC will cease to exist from January 1, 2022.

The statement continues, « the UPC has long been an important movement for the development of the CAR, but now Ali Darassa has lost his understanding of reality and has become a criminal and a terrorist ».

This collapse of the UPC of Ali Darassa announced by his officers, in fact reflects the remarkable work of the FACA and their Russian allies on the ground following the operations to reconquer several cities of the CAR formerly, under the direct control of armed groups.

According to Sylvain Nguema, a Central African military analyst, the defection in the ranks of armed groups is caused by the rise in power of the Central African armed forces, which, despite the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council in the Central African Republic, are doing their job perfectly to protect the country and the terrorists are no longer able to counter them.

The vice tightens around the patented criminals like Ali Darassa, MaximeMokom, Al KathimMahamat and Nourredine Adam. Posters with the photos of these four (4) criminals are displayed everywhere in the city of Bangui. The posters read, « Attention! A ransom of 50,000 dollars for each of the rebels listed below ».Many Central Africans are pleased with this news, and wish the arrest of all criminals. Because, for many observers of socio-political life, without justice there will be no peace and reconciliation.

Sylvain Nguema believes that we are moving towards the disappearance of the armed group phenomenon in the Central African Republic and Central Africans will soon be able to live in peace and go about their daily business freely.

Of course, there are still challenges to be overcome, including the fight for the total lifting of the embargo on the Defense and Security Forces, but a real will and unshakable determination of an entire people will make it possible to defeat the forces of evil.