IWPG Graduates’ Meeting of Peace Lecturer Training Education

– 11 attendees from six countries in Asia, Africa and Europe- Participants shared their opinions and activities and know-how to actively promote peace education

The Eastern Busan & Gyeongnam Branch of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) held IWPG Graduates’s Meeting of Peace Lecturer Training Education to share and actively promote peace education on 27th March 2021. 11 participants from South Korea, Germany, Myanmar, Burundi, Cameroon, and South Sudan attended.

IWPG is an international women’s NGO registered with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC) and has special consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). IWPG is actively working with other UN women’s organizations to urge for the support and the legalization of an international peace law called the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

The IWPG slogan of 2021 is coexistence, recovery, and communication. The IWPG’s direction in 2021 is to produce a large number of peace instructors in Peace Lecturer Training Education. At the center of it, there is the revitalization of the graduates’ meeting.

There were speeches of Peace Instructors’ activities and Impressions by Ms. Khin Thida Han, Medical Doctor of Humanitarian Clinic, Ms. Viktorija Mousa, German Teacher of Tutoring School Company and Ms. Parfaite Ntahuba, The National Coordinator of Friends Women’s Association.

Ms. Parfaite Ntahuba said that there were barriers to language and the Internet, but she lost her father due to the civil war, so she took IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education. While she held two seminars on peace education for girls, she found that it was really a living education because they were touched by the class.

The free discussion was for participants to share their opinions. The subjects of discussion are 2 topics.

First thing is that ‘Social issues or situations in each country and the reason Peace Education is necessary’ and second thing is that ‘Ways to promote Peace Lecturer Training Education and Peace Education’.

Ms. Khin Thida Han said that Myanmar was in dire need of peace education more than ever due to a military coup. She thought peace education protects people from any oppression, danger.

Mr. Oliver Nshom, the founder of Youths World Organization said that the ways to promote peace education are that he would take a video of sample lecture and upload it on social media and share peace textbooks among peace instructors to improve the quality of lectures.

All peace lecturers had an enthusiastic discussion on these two subjects to active Peace Lecturer Training Education and Peace Education.

There were Announcement of Activity Plans & Impressions by participants.

Ms. Viktorija Mousa announced her activity plans. She will organize online Peace Lecturer Training Education on May for college students.

Ms. Nwe New Aung, the Executive Director of Yinthway Foundation explained that IWPG’s peace education curriculum includes the explanation of DPCW, a peace international law, which made IWPG peace education different from other peace education.

Peace education recognizes the importance of DPCW to people and encourages people to support DPCW, resulting in an end to the wars and achieving world peace.

Knowing and supporting the DPCW properly is what citizens of the world can do for peace, so informing and teaching DPCW in this peace education is the key to IWPG peace education.

So through IWPG peace education, we can achieve the sustainable peace we want so much.

IWPG will continue to host Peace Lecturers’ Group Meeting at the Quarter second.

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