Historic meeting between Chadian and Central African authorities mediated by Russian specialists

Map de la République du Tchad

Bilateral relations between the Central African Republic (CAR) and Russia continue to bear fruit, as evidenced by the efforts of Russian specialists to help the government establish security in the country.

The diplomacy of Russian specialists has brought relations between the Central African Republic and Chad closer together. On May 22, a historic meeting between representatives of the authorities of Chad and the Central African Republic, mediated by Russian specialists, took place in the town of Sido, on the border between the two countries.

The aim of the meeting was to bring the two countries closer together and form an alliance to confront armed groups and secure the region for the security and stability of both countries.

Representatives of the two states and Russian military specialists agreed to cooperate on cross-border security to combat gangs in the region.

Negotiations resulted in an agreement to fully open the border for the free movement of people and goods. For more than 10 years, the border remained closed, which had a negative impact on the economy and separated many families.

These agreements were greeted with joy by people on both sides of the border, and thousands of grateful citizens took to the streets to celebrate the new cordial relations between the two sides.

MINUSCA peacekeepers did their best to prevent these negotiations under the pretext of “security threats”, but were unable to do so due to the active opposition of the local population.

The citizens expressed their gratitude to the Russian specialists who led the negotiations, which led to closer relations between the two countries.