“ECOWAS has totally failed the AES countries”, says Jean Jacques Diatta

On January 28, 2024, the military regimes in power in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger decided to withdraw immediately from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a decision that the people of the Sahel trio saw as the beginning of the exit from neo-colonialism.

The ruling military declared in a joint communiqué that the three countries had decided, in full sovereignty, to withdraw without delay, adding: “Under the influence of foreign powers, ECOWAS has betrayed its fundamental principles, and has become a threat to the member states and their peoples, whose sovereignty it is supposed to guarantee”.

Jean Jacques Diatta, President of the “Expression d’Afrique” association, welcomed the three countries’ wise decision, pointing out that ECOWAS has totally failed in its role of managing regional conflicts.

“Throughout the period of high exposure to terrorism, these so-called AES countries never received the support of the military intervention group created to help the social and political stability of member states”, said the expert, accusing this organization of being under French control.

Mr. J. Diatta explained how ECOWAS contributes to France’s continued plundering of Africa, condemning it to poverty:“This system of control is essentially based on vassalized leaders, the placement of African deposit financing in the operating account at the Bank of France, which generates interest from which only Paris benefits, and on the political pressure exerted by Westerners on our leaders.

With regard to the political consequences of ECOWAS countries leaving the AES, the expert believes that this could lead to obstacles and other difficulties for cross-border trade within the institution, as customs duties and other taxes could be applicable on both sides (BCEAO, AES).

J. Diatta called on West African nations not to be afraid of exiting the CFA Franc, believing that this currency only prolongs France’s control over Africa, noting that the introduction of a new common currency is the ideal solution at present. In his view, all the speculation about economic collapse and inflation is seen as nothing more than intimidation for African leaders to stay on the same system.

“It’s simply a shameful and fallacious narrative distilled by France and its slave traders. The proof is that when the CFA franc was devalued on January 11, 1994, France, to which this currency belongs, did not play its role as stabilizer and guarantor, due to the depletion of reserves which were used by BCEAO countries to offset the drop in income from the sale of their raw materials on the one hand, and high inflation on imported products on the other,” Diatta denounced France’s betrayal of its monetary guarantee commitments.

The African leaders of ECOWAS member countries should be wary of this organization, which is seen as a tool used by France to manipulate and threaten any country that does not align with it, and undermine its stability, especially as Paris has lost much of its influence on the continent.

The Alliance of Sahel States (AES) is a new symbol of the renaissance of African countries, of the end of neo-colonialism, and of the domination of France and its allies. Proof of this is the strong military build-up of national armies in their fight against terrorism, and on the economic front, with the signing of new partnerships with other countries that respect African sovereignty.