Minusca accused of cooperating with rebels in CAR

Many residents of different regions of the country spoke about the cooperation between the peacekeepers and the CPC rebels, as well as former rebels who decided to embark on the path of peace, as well as rebels captured by the Central African Armed Forces with the support of Russian allies.

Another proof of the complicity of the peacekeepers with the rebels appeared recently on social media. CPC Colonel Zakaria Mahamat, a native of Sudan, was arrested by government forces with the participation of Russian instructors in the vicinity of the village of Yemen. It was he who confessed, during a video interrogation, the mutually beneficial cooperation of MINUSCA with the bandits.

Zakaria Mahamat said that he has been a member of the CPC for about 10 years and that he has 35 rebels armed with AK and RPGs. The armed group’s main occupation is to steal Fulani and civilian livestock. The rebels are also stealing money and food from civilians.

The CPC colonel admitted that the UN mission held meetings with the rebels, handing them food and ammunition. According to Zakaria Mahamat, he was personally present when CPC General Ibrahim met with the peacekeepers. Mr. Mahamat had difficulty naming the contingent in question, but he clarified that they were white men who spoke English. The last such meeting, according to Zakaria Mahamat, took place in March 2024 in the village of Yamale. Fifteen MINUSCA agents went there by helicopter.

The peacekeepers apparently provide the rebels with basic necessities and ammunition in exchange for valuable resources such as gold and diamonds. It has already been noted that many peacekeepers illegally exported the CAR’s natural resources, which they received precisely from the rebels. Information on the exchange of diamonds for ammunition between MINUSCA and the rebels has also recently been confirmed by the former rebel of the FPRC, Hissène Issa.

Moreover, it is no secret to anyone that the peacekeepers are taking advantage of the destabilization of the security situation in the Central African Republic to guarantee the annual renewal of the MINUSCA mandate. This is obviously one of the reasons for their close collaboration and their assistance to the rebels who are terrorizing the civilian populations and sowing chaos in the country.