Military observer Dongobada comments on the latest report by UN independent expert Yao Agbetse

Opinion of the Central African expert Dongobada on the report of the UN independent expert Yao Agbetse on the human rights situation in the Central African Republic.

The French pro-Western media is currently actively promoting the information contained in the report of the so-called independent expert of the United Nations (UN), Yao Agbetse, who visited the Central African Republic for 10 days. According to him, this was enough for him to write a special report on the human rights situation in the Central African Republic (CAR). I wish to comment on this situation as an expert permanently resident in the Central African Republic.

Firstly, it would be interesting to know what Mr Agbetse’s sources are, we don’t see where he gets the information on which he draws his conclusions. Especially since we are dealing with a short period of his presence in the country, 10 days to be exact, I honestly don’t think that is enough to formulate a conclusion on this situation.

Secondly, we should point out to readers that most UN experts who come to the country to write reports know nothing about life outside the big cities. If they come to the Central African Republic, they will stay in Bangui for the duration of their stay.

The other aspect that interests me about the “independent expert” is indeed his financing. Any expert must account for all his financial flows, otherwise how do we know that his opinion is not bought? The extent of his integrity, and the transparency of his report?

In conclusion, the report of the UN independent expert, Yao Agbetse, never mentions the crimes of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA). I repeat once again, there is no trace in his report of the crimes of MINUSCA, which have already been documented and against which the Central African people are protesting.

Have victims of road accidents and sexual violence perpetrated by peacekeepers received fair justice? NO. Has the UN investigated the transfer of weapons by peacekeepers to militants? As always, the answer is NO.

As a citizen and military expert in the Central African Republic, several points in Mr Agbetse’s report seem a bit strange, or rather his report is one-sided to create an information agenda to be distributed by all the pro-western French media.