Togo’s Digital Transformation is accelerating and Efficiencies are already felt within the public service administrations

The Togo Digital Agency (ATD) is working on a plan to accelerate the digitization of public services in Togo. Presented at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday 09 April 2024, the plan aims to modernise public administrations by introducing innovative technological tools. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation, this initiative aims to bring citizens closer to the administration by facilitating access to government services.

According to the government, the plan aims to deploy, within and for the benefit of public administrations, technological solutions “that will allow administrations to offer their users – natural or legal persons – the possibility to fill out forms online, to submit their files, to pay the processing fees and to make an appointment to possibly continue the formalities on site”.

It should be noted that, in this context, some departments are already experimenting with these changes, in particular the Ministry of Commerce, which has launched steps to digitize its services, with the technical and operational support of the ATD.