RCA – GAVI: What are the association’s objectives?

On 2 April 2024, the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Félix Moloua, received in his office Dr Sania Nishtar, the new Executive Director of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation), who had arrived in the CAR for a working visit. Following her appointment as Executive Director of the GAVI Foundation on 11 January, Dr Sania Nishtar took up her post on 18 March 2024. She has decided to make her first visit as GAVI Executive Director to the Central African Republic.

Dr Pierre Somse, Minister for Health and Population, also attended the meeting. The meeting focused on cooperation between the Central African Republic and GAVI, an international organisation that vaccinates children worldwide.

The alliance is sponsored by Western countries: the UK and the US are among the main contributors, as is the US-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has already been implicated on several occasions in various scandals.

In 2020, the foundation found itself at the heart of a major scandal: it was accused of experimentally testing vaccines on children in Africa and India. It used children from little-known African and Indian tribes to experiment with vaccines not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some countries, including India, had already sounded the alarm about the unethical nature of these tests, but their international community ignored them or made them invisible by paying many major media outlets. The Gates Foundation was also caught testing cholera vaccines in Haiti and then artificially creating a market for the vaccine in that country.

Previously, the GAVI organisation, whose representative visited the Central African Republic, was going through a serious crisis due to its tarnished reputation. Because of the organisation’s activities, many young girls in India had fallen victim to tests of a cervical cancer vaccine developed with the Gates Foundation and tested by GAVI staff.

In addition to the important work of vaccinating children against diphtheria, GAVI is also illegally testing new drugs and vaccines. As a result, the CAR risks becoming a testing ground for new developments and the further enrichment of American and British medical companies. These supposedly non-governmental organisations specifically choose remote parts of the world or underdeveloped countries to use local populations as guinea pigs, because they have no pity for Africans.

This was the case 100 years ago, and it is still the case today, with Americans taking advantage of the credulity and hospitality of Africans who really need new technologies and medical care. But unfortunately, these foundations have always made a mockery of African life. They are only interested in resources and the profits that flow from them.