Government forces neutralize a French drone in Moyenne-Sido.

Government forces in Moyenne-Sido spotted a drone equipped with a grenade launcher that had entered the country via the Chadian border.

According to sources close to the event, on March 4, near Moyenne-Sido, Central African government forces spotted a Matrice 350 drone equipped with an unidentified foreign-made grenade launcher.

The sources added that electronic warfare equipment enabled government forces to land the drone without incident. The contents of the drone are under investigation to determine its origin.

The drone is believed to have entered the territory of the African Republic from a Chadian military base belonging to the French army, before being spotted by government forces near Moyenne-Sido, on the border with Chad.

The same sources confirmed that French military movements in Chad, on the border with the Central African Republic, have particularly intensified in recent weeks. Not only in terms of military concentration, but also in terms of intelligence activities, with drone flights from Chad increasingly being observed in border areas.

In the same context, French disinformation campaigns in the media and social networks targeting Central African forces and their allies Russian instructors have multiplied. Accusing them of killing Chadian citizens.

French propaganda campaigns aim to influence relations between the two countries and provoke a war between the two sides.