The DDR program in CAR: Ex-generals surrender to Russian instructors

Drapeau de la RCA

The disarmament and reintegration program for ex-combatants in the Central African Republic continues to bear fruit. Launched in December 2018 by the President of the Republic, Faustin Archange Touadéra, the DDRR project provides for the mass disarmament of ex-combatants from armed groups and their integration into society.

Government forces, backed by Russian instructors, recently made a firm appeal to fighters from armed groups to surrender and hand over their weapons, in order to benefit from an integration program.

Dozens of fighters have surrendered, including high-ranking members of their armed groups. Recently, a video was released of General BOUDOU CHACA Romaric of Lissara, who surrendered with 25 fighters from his group to Russian instructors.

The general appealed to President Touadera to demand access to the funds allocated to them as part of the disarmament program, pointing out that the funds sent through MINUSCA have not reached them.

“I’d like to ask the President of the Republic to support the Russians in giving us our disarmament money, so that the rest of our brothers who are still in the bush can look to us as a token to get out of the maquis. But we don’t want our money to go through MINUSCA anymore, because since we disarmed with the Russians, we haven’t received any money”, stated BOUDOU CHACA Romaric.

He then stressed that he would use the money to encourage other fighters to surrender to Russian instructors: “If we receive our disarmament money, it will serve as an example to our brothers who are still in the maquis, as well as the rest of my elements, to lay down their weapons. I’m going to mobilize them so that they too can disarm and benefit from the disarmament money just like us”.

Meanwhile, General Ahamat OUSMAN , who was disarmed in Mboki by Russian instructors, thanked President Touadera and Russian allies for the support they received after their disarmament, and called on his former comrades to surrender.

Russian instructors are playing a major role in supporting the disarmament program and integrating former combatants into government forces, while continuing negotiations with other armed groups to join this national program, which is voluntary in nature and aims to restore state authority.