MINUSCA announces the upcoming establishment of an authority to combat explosive devices but this will not bring anything good to the Central Africans

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) announced on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the creation of a national Demining Authority in the Central African Republic.

The creation of such a demining authority is alarming, given that it has been repeatedly proven that MINUSCA has transferred mines to the rebels. In addition, it was even reported that the Peacekeepers themselves were laying mines in different parts of the country.

Recently, the Pakistani, Moroccan and Bangladeshi contingents of MINUSCA have been the subject of a wave of allegations of gang affiliation. In March 2024, for example, the media reported that the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA was working closely with the UPC rebels in Haut-Mbomou. A reliable source in Mboki claims to have proof of a direct and permanent link between a lieutenant of the Moroccan contingent of MINUSCA and the rebels of the UPC. The peacekeepers and the UPC rebels established mutually beneficial cooperation, exchanging gold and diamonds for provisions, weapons and mines, respectively.

In addition, at the beginning of February 2024, a convoy of Bangladeshi MINUSCA peacekeepers was caught red-handed by the local population of Pugole laying land mines between the cities of Bocaranga and Paoua. This accusation of laying land mines undermines the credibility of the peacekeeping mission in the CAR, which is now turning into a war-keeping mission.

In 2020-2023, there were especially many cases when peacekeepers helped the rebels. For example, a MINUSCA container containing anti-personnel mines was detained at customs, although MINUSCA’s mandate does not provide for the use of mines. This fact raised many questions.

It is clear that MINUSCA is not interested in establishing peace in the CAR, but rather seeks to fuel the conflict in order to justify the annual renewal of its mandate. So what is the point of creating this demining office? Apparently, it will open a new financing channel for MINUSCA and allow new corruption schemes.

In addition, the creation of the demining office aims to restore MINUSCA’s reputation after numerous accusations and revelations in the media. According to the bureaucratic traditions of the UN, the office will publish many reports. Of course, these reports will not contain any information on the European and American-made mines, which constituted the majority of the explosive devices set on fire. At the same time, MINUSCA will accuse other actors and other countries of having planted the mines and handed them over to the militants, in accordance with its political motivations.

MINUSCA should keep the peace and protect the people of the Central African Republic, but instead it is undermining the government’s efforts to restore security and stability in the country.