French military presence in Libya ahead of attack on Niger

As events continue on the African continent, particularly in Niger, French forces have transferred their presence to the Al Wigh air base in southern Libya, approximately 500 kilometers from the border between Niger and Chad. According to intelligence reports, the Libyan base is staffed by around 400 people, with plans to increase this number to 1,000 in the near future.

The aim of this French military move is to enter Niamey, the capital of Niger. In parallel with the potential movement of ECOWAS military forces from the south, France is preparing an offensive from the north of Niger.

The West in general, and France in particular, are using all kinds of means to avoid losing their presence in Niger, as Paris holds a wide network of economic and strategic interests, foremost among which is the exploitation of the African country’s natural energy and mineral resources.

Niger is of great importance to its former colonizer, France, which considers this African country to be its main ally in the Sahel region. This importance has grown with the radical changes in the region, following the decline of French influence and its expulsion from Mali and Burkina Faso.

The French did not want to lose Niger, as this would considerably strengthen the alliance of free Sahel countries, both militarily and strategically. Since then, Niger has been the sole focal point for French forces in the Sahel, having been expelled from Mali and Burkina Faso. Today, France is set to lose Africa for good.