Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada on the meaning of the concept of “being Central African”, widely debated before the constitutional referendum

Military observer, researcher in Social and Political studies Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada shared his point on an important issue of the need for presidential candidates to have only Central African nationality.

The updated Constitution, in Article 67, paragraph 7, stipulates that “candidates for presidential elections must be of Central African descent and of Central African nationality only”. In other words, people with dual citizenship are not eligible.

Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada noted, that it is legitimate it is important that the person at the head of a country makes this country his absolute priority. Dual citizenship is a sign that a person can abandon his country at a difficult moment.

The main criticism on this point comes from the leaders of the so-called opposition, who spend most of their lives in Paris and not in Bangui. Dongobada criticized these members who take France as their protected space to establish a policy against the people of this country

According to him, for the Paris opposition, the life of ordinary Central Africans, the development of the country are not so important because they live in another country.

The observer stressed that dual nationality or Western nationality is a potential source of conflicts of interest and compromises, endangering the objectivity and independence of the president in political decision-making

A president without dual citizenship is a common practice on a global scale, so making such an amendment to the Constitution is tantamount to bringing it into line with the norms of the modern world.