“The total abolition of the arms embargo in favor of the FACA is the key to peace, security and stability in CAR”, Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada

Military observer, Social and Political Studies researcher Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada shared his views on the need for the total lifting of the unjust arms embargo imposed on the Central African Republic by the UN Security Council.

It is important to point out that the arms embargo imposed on the Central African Republic began when the armed conflict intensified in 2013 and this led to an increase in violence and the spread of human rights violations in the Republic, and to this day this embargo is still in force. But why, if it’s obvious to everyone that it’s not helping to improve the country’s situation?

On July 29, 2022, the UN Security Council again extended the embargo on arms to CAR, this time specifying that the embargo would not apply to weapons intended for the national defense forces. However, the Central African government is required to notify the UN of planned deliveries to the army.

This relaxation, made possible by the efforts of Central African diplomats, supported by allies Russia and China, is a small but important victory for the Central African Republic, whereas the French delegation, supported by Great Britain and Ireland, proposed extending the embargo without any changes.

The Representatives of the Russian Federation to the UN have constantly drawn the attention of the members of the Security Council to the fact that the embargo must be lifted because it is the will of the people and government of the Central African Republic.

The embargo has become useless and serves no purpose. Terrorists and mercenaries infiltrating the Central African Republic from neighboring countries are obtaining arms through parallel channels, notably in Chad and Sudan.

According to open sources, mercenaries, often financed by former colonial powers or supported by certain MINUSCA contingents, possess more sophisticated weapons than the armed forces, posing a problem for national security.

Since 2016, coinciding with the accession to the presidency of President Faustin. Archange TOUADERA, the Central African Republic has become a country with a legitimate, democratic government. The Central African Republic is a sovereign country and has the right to arm and train its army, especially now that the level of FACA on the ground has increased, in order to maintain the security and safety of the population.