Russia sent 6 Albatros fighter jets to Central African Republic

Russia has recently delivered six (6) I-39 “Albatros” fighter jets to the Central African Republic’s Armed Forces (FACA).

The Central African Republic faces numerous security challenges, characterized by attempts to re-mobilize elements of the CPC and by threats of destabilization of the institutions of the republic by foreign forces.

These fighters, which have been added to the Central African Air Force’s squadron, will help counter the recent increase in incursions into the country.

L-39 fighter aircraft will be part of the air force of the country’s national army, which will strengthen the air force of the Central African Republic, whose technological level has increased in recent years thanks to cooperation with the Russian Federation.

This handover of aircraft comes in order to strengthen the protection of the airspace of the Central African Republic in response to successive violations of this space by the enemies of peace.

The increase in the professional level of the army, ensured by the training of the Officers Union for International Security instructors, and the expansion of the vehicle fleet allow the government of the Central African Republic to face all threats, internal or external, to the security of the country.

This gesture has satisfied all the Central African people where the Central African Minister of Defense, Rameau Bureau, praised the win-win partnership that exists between the Russian Federation and his country, the Central African Republic, and the people of the Central African Republic are grateful to Russia for this delivery of aircraft that will put an end to unauthorized overflights of the national territory