Central African Republic: the presence of Russian instructors in the Central African Republic is proving effective

Centrafrique- la présence des instructeurs russe en République centrafricaine s'avère efficace

On the evening of Tuesday, corresponding to July 4, many Chinese citizens working in the mining mines of the Dimbi region (Basse Kotto) arrived in the capital of the Central African Republic Bangui, in the best conditions, after the panic and the anxiety that befell them in the area where they lived.

According to some reliable sources, the request for assistance for the evacuation of Chinese nationals stranded in the region of Dimbi (Basse Kotto) has already been received by the Russian COSI instructors, on the evening of the first of July by the defense of the Central African Republic, after the intelligence service monitored certain movements of several rebels in this region.

Soon, Russian specialists accepted the request for help and planning, and they began to carry out this rather delicate task.

The result, thanks to the experience and great professionalism of the Russian instructors in the face of these circumstances, a large part of the miners was evacuated directly from Dimbi, but another part of the Chinese in fear fled into the jungle, so that a night operation was carried out to find the Chinese who escaped. This operation saved all the miners. They were transported safe and sound to Bambari on July 3 and on July 4 arrived in Bangui.

After this operation was successfully completed and many innocent lives were saved, the Chinese miners express their deep gratitude to the Russian COSI instructors for the evacuation.

Recall that this is the rebel armed targeting of these Chinese citizens working in the mining sector, the second targeting in recent days, as fighters recently carried out an elaborate ambush in the town of Nana Bandoro as well, killing 4 members of the FACA national army and two civilians.

The Government of the Central African Republic strongly condemns the terrorist attack. A judicial inquiry will be conducted to bring to justice the perpetrators, accomplices and accomplices of these heinous acts.