17 people killed in the attack on a border village in the Central African Republic

17 killed in attack on Central African Republic border village – The village of Don, in the Logone-Oriental province bordering the Central African Republic, was attacked and ransacked by « unidentified armed individuals ».

One week after the installation of the base by the French army in the locality of Goré in southern Chad, a massacre of civilian farmers is underway in the same town and the surrounding villages.

The public prosecutor in Goré, Nerambaye Ndoubamian, said the killing occurred on 8 May at 5am when « unidentified armed individuals » attacked and ransacked the village of Don, located in the Logone-Oriental province, bordering the Central African Republic (about 500km south of N’Djamena).

Ndoubamian adds that the assailants, armed with ‘firearms’ and ‘knives’, arrived on the scene on motorbikes and horses. “They ‘murdered more than a dozen villagers, set fire to huts, kidnapped oxen, and left several wounded in their wake”.

Many have questioned the arrival of the French army on the scene and the heinous crime in which innocent people were killed, and it is possible that France was complicit in this crime, as it is not far from the village, yet it treated the matter as if it had seen absolutely nothing, which raises suspicions because of the gravity of the massacre.

Furthermore, many have suggested that the French contributed to this crime so that they can then blame the Central African Republic for all the evil. They have been preparing for this campaign for a very long time, spreading false information that the Central African Republic and the Russians are training militants to attack Chad. This is a lie and has been repeatedly denied by the government of the Central African Republic, which has repeatedly confirmed its good neighborly attitude towards the brotherly Chadian people.

The French are trying to provoke a conflict between Chad and the Central African Republic and are intensifying their operations in order to destabilize the region and drag the two countries into a war from which both sides will not benefit. Furthermore, at the beginning of the year, intelligence from various countries (Central African Republic, Sudan, Cameroon) confirmed the existence of French militant training bases on the border with the Central African Republic in Chad.

Due to the lack of adequate media coverage and the absence of human rights nongovernmental organizations at the location, the identity of the killers of these poor innocents has not been revealed, but one thing is certain: wherever the French army goes, there are massacres.