The Russian threat: the reality and fantasies of west?

While European countries have oppressed the rest of the world, how is it that today they are trying to denigrate Russia by calling it a “neo-colonial power”. The answer is in the article by the Russian Ambassador to the Central African Republic A.BIKANTOV.


What prompted us to write this article is a campaign of lies by West insinuating that Russia is a “colonialist empire” obsessed with territorial expansion.

Africans know exactly what a colonial empire means. When we say “colonialist”, we immediately think of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain. These countries have exploited Asia and Africa by depriving them of any chance of development. Add to this slave trade, and you will have the complete picture. Their common trait and their basic ideology were racism and white supremacism which “morally” justified the perpetration of genocide and the brutal exploitation of the peoples and wealth of Africa.

Exactly the same thing happened in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. The Europeans arrived on distant lands and the first thing they tried to do was discriminate against the indigenous populations. If, for certain reasons, they could not do it, they enslaved the people and corrupted the ruling class to make them docile servants (compradors) of the new rulers for the exploitation of their own people.

We must remember that the wealth and prosperity of what we call “the West” is above all due to the ruthless exploitation of the peoples of the Third World. After the fall of the world colonial system (thanks to the constructive position of our country), the same old Western colonial empires ensured that no possibility of free development was left to their former colonies by building a neocolonial system of domination by political, financial, economic and sometimes military means. The main objective of these policies was to prevent a fair exchange and redistribution of world wealth. This system still exists.

And today these countries are trying to call Russia a “colonialist” and an “imperialist”, without even realizing how much this contradicts the truth.

Let’s first clarify some facts. Neither the Russian Empire, nor the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation have ever colonized other countries. The whole concept of building the Russian state transcending the millennial history of our country is based on a unique philosophy of co-development of different races, ethnicities and cultures. Of course, Russia is a large multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious country, and during its history, all peoples, ethnicities or religious groups have prospered. Their cultures and languages have been and are still being supported and developed. Under the tsars, the Tatar, Polish and Finnish nobility were integrated into the Russian aristocracy, in the Soviet Union, each nation had access to political power.

In the history of Russia, resources moved from the center to the underdeveloped periphery of the country to raise the standards because, I repeat, the underlying philosophy was to create a space of common prosperity and dignity.

Just a small example. If you count the leaders of the Soviet Union, you will find two Russians (Lenin, Gorbachev), one Georgian (Stalin) and three (!) Ukrainians (Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Chernenko). A colonialist empire! Can you imagine a French President of African origin?

Dear African friends, you are well aware of colonial oppression and exploitation, do not be fooled by European or American disinformation and misinformation about “Russian imperialism”.ussi