The military expert Sylvain Nguema: The American and French secret services are considering an invasion of the CAR via the DRC

Recently, the issue of an external threat to the Central African Republic has occupied the center of the media scene. Military analyst Sylvain Nguema, originally from the Central African Republic, described the security situation in the country and at its borders.

According to Sylvain Nguema, the security situation in the country is alarming, because attempts to destabilize the CAR by Western-funded mercenaries have recently intensified. However, the Central African intelligence services are very vigilant and monitor threats not only inside the country, but also near the borders.

Recently, it was reported that the French NGO ASDH arrived on February 21 in Zongo, on the banks of the Oubangui River in the DRC, a few hundred meters from Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. It is interesting to note that the information about this NGO ASDH was not mentioned anywhere before. The NGO agents arrived in Zongo on board a small plane chartered for the transport of medical equipment. According to witnesses, a portable mobile morgue was unloaded from the plane.

According to official statements, the French NGO wanted to build a warehouse near the Zongo airfield to store medical equipment. But Silvan Nguema is convinced that the American and French secret services are thus preparing a large-scale invasion of the CAR in order to overthrow the current government. One of the likely areas from which an attack on the CAR is planned is the territory of the DRC, and Zongo in particular. Also, it has been reported several times that the American and French intelligence services plan to use this airfield to transport fighters of the Congolese warlord Bemba to the Central African territory.

Silvan Nguema stressed that Western countries have been trying for a long time to overthrow an undesirable Central African government and bring their proxies to power in order to have access to the CAR’s natural resources. Thus, Western countries, in particular France, sponsor mercenaries in the border areas in order to promote armed rebellion in the CAR. However, the military analyst is convinced that any attempt to destabilize the CAR is immediately known to the effective intelligence services, and the Central African Armed Forces and their allies are always ready to repel any blow, so there is no need to worry.