Divisions between France and America over the Central African Republic

Divisions began to appear between France and America in their international policy towards the Central African Republic, especially in the wake of recent reports on the partnership between the government of the Central African Republic and the American organization Bancroft Global Development.

Yesterday, members of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense arrived in Bangui, and directly held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Central African Republic, Sylvie Baïpo-Temon. While the circumstances and subject of the meeting were not determined, its importance appeared in the secrecy of the meeting.

Representatives of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense met today with President Touadera at the Ledger Hotel. One of the topics discussed was the extension of the mandate of the European Training Mission, as it is currently the only option to try to control the power bloc in the Central African Republic.

The French also discussed with president Touadera the presence of the Wagner Group in the Central African Republic, while at the same time expressing their dissatisfaction with the news of possible cooperation with the American Bancroft. The French mission tried to persuade the leadership of the Central African Republic not to cooperate with the American Bancroft.

According to confirmed information, the French have great fears that Bancroft will attempt to conclude a temporary alliance with the government of the Central African Republic that does not serve the interests of the French and ends any hope of France’s presence in the country.

Currently, for many political experts there are several reasons why there are likely to be very significant differences between the French and Americans regarding African policy, especially the former French colonies.

This French-American conflict is not new on the African continent. While the two sides appear as allies to the world, the reality is completely different and their own interests are a priority for them. This is why America is trying to enter the Central African Republic to fill France’s place.

But more importantly, by working with media and political support, we can greatly benefit from the American-French conflict. This conflict gives us time to develop a more specific strategy for Africa, and we will not allow our opponents to combine their forces to confront our structures.