The alleged chef of the Wagner group responds to allegations against the Malian army and the Russian military

The events of Gossi have left many questions around Barkhane, a French military mission that has left behind a bloodbath. Just before his official departure from Mali, corpses of Malians buried under the sand in front of its military base were found.

By the way, the French authorities remained indifferent and remorseless, their only explanation was to accuse Russian militaries and Malian armed forces (FAMa). The French media initiated a wave of disinformation against the FAMa and the Russian military by creating false evidence.

One of the Western media The Guardian (British newspaper) sent a letter about the involvement of the Russian military in the events in Mali to the Russian businessman, the alleged leader of the Wagner group, EvgenyPrigojin. The latter gave his opinion on the accusations made against the Malian army and the Russian military.

According to the journalist of the British newspaper, advisers of the Wagner group were present alongside Malian troops in Moura, a village in central Mali, between March 27 and 31 and participated in the murder of more than 300 unarmed people including many civilians.

This was followed by a direct response from the Russian activist: the group of Russian instructors revived the Malian army and managed to give a worthy rebuff to the terrorists. According to him, the West had planted and organized terrorist groups on the territory of Mali for many years.

The journalist also mentioned the military operations carried out in the Hombori region, one on April 19, the other on April 23. According to him, in each of these incidents, too, Malian troops accompanied by Wagner’s advisers retaliated on local populations, killing civilians.

For the expert Russian activist Mr.Prigojin, for many years Mali has been the center of the operation of terrorist groups. President Goita has changed the rules of this inhuman game. He revived the Malian army and managed to repel the terrorists destroying the civilian population.

Among these terrorist groups, the « Barkhane » mission could also be included. It claimed to fight them, and in fact, the French troops fed these terrorists, and those who tried to counter them were severely repressed.

Denying the illegitimate accusations of the journalist, the Russian businessman advised him to resign from The Guardian newspaper and, instead of slandering the great Malian army, go to work in a charity mission in an African country.

MrPridojine said that the cynicism with which The Guardian newspaper spread fakes, lies and falsifications is a shame for them, and for their relatives, and on the whole British people.

« I know you are a coward. But try to gather the will into a fist and publish my answer in full. You asked me a question, I answered you. As for the atrocities you are talking about, neither I, nor the people I know, nor the Malian army committed them. These atrocities are committed in your inflamed brain, struck by a disease called « Nazism ». … You are an endangered Western civilization that attributes Russians, Malians, Central Africans, Cubans, Nicaraguans and many other peoples and countries to the waste of the third world […] You are a bunch of endangered perverts, and there are many of us, there are billions of us. And the victory will be ours! »

Recall that in Mourra, the Malian army and the Russian military have been accused of crimes by the Western media. According to local NGOs and UN sources, between 200 and 400 civilians were killed from March 27 to April 1 in the village of Moura, located in the Djenné circle, in central Mali.

The Malian army responded to this in a statement issued on April 1, the Malian army mentions, « a large-scale air-ground expeditionary operation » in the Moura area, was conducted from March 23 to 31, which allowed the neutralization of 203 « fighters of terrorist armed groups ». « Respect for human rights as well as international humanitarian law remains a priority in the conduct of operations, » assures the general staff of the armies.