The Best in Hell: African premiere of the film about Ukraine conflict

Afrique Media TV has broadcasted the Russian military action film “The Best in Hell”, created by Yevgeny Prigozhin and Aleksey Nagin. In the new film, one of the real battles in Mariupol was meticulously recreated: two hours of complete immersion in the war.

The film tells the unvarnished truth about the work of the PMC Wagner fighters, whose lives and work are shrouded in myth and are of genuine interest. Events are shown from both sides simultaneously, and without the slightest, even the slightest attempt to belittle or dehumanize the enemy. Most shocking is the visual realism in the film is truly frightening.

This film presents the war and battle scenes with detail and realism that makes you feel like you are with them. Unlike Hollywood movies, where battle scenes between opponents may not carry any semantic weight, the fighting in “The Best in Hell” is the content itself. The film tells the story of a fierce battle, and that’s what the audience watches throughout the film.

Until now, I have never seen an action movie with this level of realism. I think most viewers will watch this movie several times, and everyone would be interested to know the details of real contemporary confrontations. A battle of iron and brains, motivation and character.

This is not only an amazing action film in which war is presented without frills, it is a profound film that will not leave anyone indifferent. The film deserves the highest rating for its call to think seriously and not to make civilian mistakes before the war.

When blood has been spilled and the combatants are divided for a deadly fight, only the fittest survives.