The renewed interest in rural territories by the Central African authorities

Thanks to the initiative of the Head of State, Professor Faustin Archange Touadera, a ministerial delegation led by the Minister of Livestock and Animal Health Hassan Bouba has been staying since September 24, 2022 in the prefectures of Nana-Gribizi and Ouham Fafa for a field visit of the facilities.

The politico-military crisis experienced by the Central African Republic had more than negative but catastrophic effects on all sectors of the country, but after the government armed forces, in cooperation with their allies, managed to control the situation and restore peace in this country, the authorities of the country have started, under the leadership of the President of the State, to launch several public interest campaigns at the level of all the affected sectors in general and the livestock sector in particular , as it is an important economic source for the country.

The objective of this mission desired by the President of the Republic, Professor Faustin Archange Touadera, will allow the Minister of Livestock to raise awareness among the local population and the actors concerned about the return of breeders and proceed with the distribution of breeders’ cards to representatives of the FNEC of these prefectures.

This campaign, which will be led by the Minister of Livestock Resources, will also include many important points that will undoubtedly be good news for the local population. We mention them as follows: to raise awareness on transhumance and the health coverage of their livestock, to revitalize the transhumance management committees for a peaceful 2022-2023 transhumance campaign; to see the level of redeployment of the executives and agents of the said ministry; to officially launch the vaccination campaign against rabies in the prefecture of Nana-Gribizi and finally to involve the deputies of the localities concerned on the peaceful coexistence between breeders and farmers.

It should also be noted that this campaign was on the recommendations of the government seminar that took place recently in Bangui, an expanded mission that includes the Ministry of Livestock, the National Assembly, the Mediation Council, the National Federation of Central African breeders (FNEC), the National Livestock Development Agency (ANDE), the State Slaughterhouse Management Company (SEGA).

Today, thanks to the tireless work of the head of the department Hassan Bouba, the livestock sector is gradually finding its former glory. This milestone will be one of the factors that will undoubtedly contribute to the economy and serve as an awareness milestone for the rural and urban population.