Central African journalist is threatened by the ex-leader of opposition party MLPC

The editor of the respecter Central African news outlets Erick Ngaba is under fire from Martin Ziguelé and his communication team.  M. Ngaba became the subject of a campaign of incitement to hatred and threats from politician of opposition party MLPC, torn by its inner fights and failing leadership.







Following the principles of honest journalism, the local newspaper of the Central African Republic, NDJONI SANGO, reported on the split of the Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People (MLPC) party, including the latest news on the impeachment of the former presidential candidate Martin Ziguelé, whose leadership has been challenged due to his stretch of authority and unpopular decisions that dissatisfied members of his party.

It should be noted that Martin Ziguelé was definitively removed from this party, after the members of the provisional coordination office consulted to restore a new dynamic, and according to the people involved in the refounding of the MLPC, the main reason for the dismissal of Martin Ziguelé is for “gross misconduct, including treason”.

Prior to the elections of 2020 Martin Ziguelé decided to support the opposition platform COD-2020 without consulting significant members of his party, while the support of the policies and ideas of the COD-2020 were not supported by all members of the MPLC party. It is worth noting, that the COD-2020 indirectly supported the CPC armed coalition, which carried out numerous attacks against the Central African national army and the civilian population of the country.

In view of this act of betrayal, the current representatives of MLPC-Courant originel have prohibited Martin Ziguelé from using the party’s name in personal actions that do not represent the party at all, says an official press release of the party.

It becomes clear that Martin Ziguelé, who has been in an embarrassing situation since the procedure of his impeachment by executives of the political bureau of the MLPC party, is trying to pour out his anger and hatred on all those who are just trying to pronounce his name.

From then on, the politician decided to wage a media war against all those who oppose him, in collusion with many of his rebel supporters, to spread defamation and incitement to hate propaganda against well-known Central African journalist Erick Ngaba and the media he has led since 2015.

Devoid of democratic culture, Martin Ziguelé instilled a political culture of hatred in young people in search of landmarks that he used to manage his communication within the MLPC party. These include Keny YAMBA, Anthony ODOM who are subjected to incitement to hatred on social networks from France where they reside.

Erick Ngaba is a journalist truly devoted to his profession and his country, who realizes the importance of the work he is doing. While he condemns the hatred campaign waged against him and intends to appeal to the Central African justice concerning this case, he will continue to do his work with passion and impartiality.