INVESTIGATION: BRDC rally against the New Constitution of the Central African Republic

On August 27, 2022, the Central African democratic opposition grouped within the Republican Bloc for the Defense of the Constitution BRDC organized a rally in the 8th district of Bangui to oppose the modernization of the March 2016 Constitution.

It is natural, that neither President Toudera nor anyone from his administration opposed the idea of the rally, because it would be a great opportunity to access the real numbers of people opposing the idea of changing the old version of the Constitution. This meeting can be called a complete failure, since only less than 200 participants were registered, while more than 1,000 people took part in rallies to support the New Constitution. This fact proves once again that most Central Africans are in favor of amending the Constitution for a better future in the country.

To the great surprise of the many, some of the people at the rally were underage, including young teenagers holding the sign in the photo. Such practice of using underage children in political manipulations is amoral and unlawful, which brings up harsh questions about the organisers of the rally.

However, it was not the only shocking discovery made during the rally by the public order and security forces. They shared the photos proving that the participants of the rally were paid to protest against the reworking of the constitutional text.  The lack of integrity of the Central African opposition is vividly shown in this manipulative behaviour. Moreover, many participants in the rally later said that the promised money was not given to them.

The organisers of the rally are two notorious Central African opposition politicians: Crepin Mboli-Goumba and Martin Ziguele. Mr. Mboli-Gumba has close ties to the US establishment and is likely to promote interests of the United States in the Central African Republic. He holds dual citizenship of the CAR and the USA and studied at a university in the USA. He is also the owner of the Kitika Hotel, decorated with the US flag.

Former leader of the MLPC opposition party Martin Ziguele has recently been implicated in a number of scandals. His has been expelled from his party for power abuse and started defamation campaigns against journalists who reported on the matter. It has been also discovered that he funds the fake-news network of CorbeauNews that is banned in the Central African Republic for spreading disinformation and inciting hatred.

At the beginning of August Martin Ziguele met with Beth Van Schaack, US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice. During her official visit to the CAR Beth Van Schaack was seen contacting with the pro-French opposition off the books. US Ambassador was escorted by the military contractors from an American private military company, who were photographed near Ziguele’s house.

BRDC in CAR is waging a dishonest struggle, but the Central Africans are not mistaken. The people understand that it is time to amend the basic law, which no longer corresponds to the realities of the country. The Central Africans understand that a new basic law of the Republic is now necessary, which will give a boost to the economic development, to the prosperity of the Central African Republic.