At the St. Petersburg Forum, the Malian Minister of Mines thanked Russia for its support


Under the theme “New World – New Opportunity”, the 25th International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2022) is taking place in St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, from June 15 to 18. As part of the strengthening of Mali-Russian cooperation, the Malian delegation also went to participate in the Forum.

Mali’s Minister of Mines, Energy and Water, Lamine Seydou Traoré, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum “Russia-Africa” conference, thanked Russia for its support: “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian Federation for its support”.

The Malian Minister noted that Mali wishes to develop a balanced and mutually beneficial partnership between the two countries. Many specialists working in Mali were trained in Russia and the former USSR. Lamine Seydou Traoré emphasized that the training of military personnel remains important, but Mali intends to expand partnerships and develop cooperation in the economic field

“We have signed an agreement with African countries. This is necessary to strengthen the potential of the mining and energy industries, build power plants and keep them running,” said Minister Traoré. He continued that Mali’s infrastructure must be developed. Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa, but the country lacks exchange of experience with Russia in this area and this must be resolved.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Mali, Abdoulaye Diop, thanked Russia for inviting the Malian delegation to participate in the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. He recalled that Bamako considers Moscow a friend and that participation in SPIEF-2022 is an honor for Malian diplomats.

Relations between Mali and Russia are developing rapidly and fruitful cooperation in various fields is growing. Russia has already proved to be a reliable partner. In terms of military cooperation, thanks to the support of Russian instructors, the security situation in Mali has improved, according to statements by Malian authorities, and the Malian armed forces (FAMa) are “growing in strength”.