Central Africans demand the departure of MINUSCA

In the Central African Republic dissatisfaction with the United Nations Mission continues to grow.

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the CAR (MINUSCA) was deployed in 2014, but unfortunately, so far, has produced very little concrete results. MINUSCA has not responded to the expectations of the population, who qualifies it as ineffective.

The main mission of the UN mission was the protection of civilians. However, there have been documented cases of peacekeepers failing to intervene in conflict in situations where armed groups have terrorized civilians near MINUSCA bases, which has been the reason for many criticisms from the local population.

In addition, peacekeepers are often accused of many crimes, including fatalities, the negligent murder of civilians, rape, and even cooperation with rebels.

As an example, Romary AMBOADE, resident of the town of Grimari reported: “We witnessed the transportation of the rebels by members of MINUSCA yesterday December 15 around 4:00 pm on the Bakala axis. Then they took the road to Bangui. These are more than 30 rebels (Peuls and Anti-Balaka). The latter have been supplied with food by the Red Cross.”

However, MINUSCA has never taken responsibility for these crimes.

All these factors push the Central African population to participate in demonstrationsday after day to express their dissatisfaction with the work of MINUSCA and to demand the departure of the UN mission from Central African territory.

Residents from different parts of the country are appealing to replace MINUSCA by FACA. Thus, following a rebel attack by the Anti-balaka militias which took place on December 15 in the village of Boyo, and which left the local inhabitants injured and killed, Bariou NAIKETE, a resident of this village, spoke on behalf of the entire local population:

“We demand the replacement of the MINUSCA contingent with the FACA unit, as the UN peacekeeping mission is completely inactive and the bandits continue to loot and kill local residents without hindrance. MINUSCA is totally incapable of facing up to its role of protecting the population against raids by armed groups.”

Amos RANGOUA, resident of Ippy, also expressed his support for the Central African army and shared information on recent events in the city: “We have heard detonations of light and heavy weapons that day. We suspect the overflight of the MINUSCA helicopter over the village of Boto, because the Moroccan contingents of MINUSCA are still accomplices with the rebels and provide them with medical kits, food and ammunition. Also 2 Fulanirebelswerekilled and 4 weaponswith magazines found by ourloyalist forces in Zoumako.”

In all the years of MINUSCA’s presence in the CAR, the Central Africans have seen no assistance from this mission in favor of the stabilization of the country. This is why the Central Africans are determined to go all the way this time and demand that MINUSCA leave the CAR.