“We have a partnership based on mutual respect between the two countries,” says Igor Gromyko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mali

Relations between Mali and Russia have seen great progress in recent years, as the military partnership between the two countries has developed thanks to the important decisions taken by the transitional government following the arrival of Colonel Assimi Goïta in power.

The objective of this cooperation is part of the fight against terrorist groups that have threatened the security of Malians for several years first and to strengthen the partnership in various fields which aim at the common interests between Russia and Mali.

In this regard, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mali, Igor Gromyko, last week invited the Malian Minister of Defense and Former Combatants, Colonel Sadio Camara, given the excellent report uniting the two countries, within the framework of the celebration of the national day of Russian diplomacy. During this occasion, the Russian diplomat confirmed his country’s support for Mali in several sectors.

It should be noted that this celebration of Russian diplomats working in difficult environmental or political conditions around the world is a national day instituted in 2002 by the Russian President.

Igor Gromyko also reassured on the principles of the United Nations Charter that the same policy enjoys broad support within the international community. This will allow the development of an equal and mutually beneficial partnership for states wishing to cooperate with Russia.

“In the framework of Russian cooperation with developing states, the Republic of Mali seems to occupy a prominent place, with Mali we have close and mutually respectful cooperation in the political, military, commercial, economic and humanitarian,” added the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mali during this event.

Despite the disinformation campaign waged by the West against relations between Mali and Russia, the partnership between the two countries continues to develop further, especially after the breakdown of relations between Mali and the West, following the series of military failures, politics and many fields.

On the other hand, Russia continues to meet the demands of the transitional authorities in terms of equipment for the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) and Malian Security. In the trade sector, many tons containing basic necessities, fuel were delivered to Mali.