Another deadly road accident in the Central African Republic: a MINUSCA car killed a woman, others are in hospital

Another accident involving MINUSCA occurred this morning on a road 17 km from the capital towards Damara. The driver of the mission truck failed to control the vehicle, shot a woman, Pauline Madazu, 50, to death, and also rammed into a group of people near the road. He ended his deadly path by ramming into a dwelling house, ù there were children.

 The fact is that accidents involving peacekeepers and civilian casualties have increased lately. However, the UN mission does not take any measures to prevent these incidents. Moreover, these crimes are ignored by the MINUSCA administration, which sees criminals in all CAR partners except themselves.

Due to the increase in traffic accidents, CAR residents organize protests, blocking the transport of the peacekeeping mission. The action called Stop MINUSCA took place in the cities of Bambari, Bria, Damara and Bangui. Stop MINUSCA is a slogan to protest against the movement of MINUSCA vehicles. Thus, the purpose of this action is to block passage to the vehicles of the blue helmets.

The people of the Central African Republic are demanding justice. All these events are organized for one purpose: the international community must draw attention to the peacekeeping mission in the CENTRAL AFRICAN Republic, which is not only periodically responsible for fatal accidents, but also suspected of cooperating with CPC rebels.

The recent news that the administration mission is returning 450 elements of the Gabonese contingent from the Central African Republic because of accusations of sexual violence is yet another example of the mission’s destructive role in peacemaking.

The STOP MINUSCA action will continue until the mission understands that the people of CAR will not silently monitor what is happening in their country. The country is confident in peace and does not want to see on its territory enemies of development and peace.